Forklift Safety Training Course & Program

About the Program

Critical. Powerful. Efficient. Knowing how to operate a forklift safely and securely isn’t just good for your job, it can also be life-saving. That’s why we’re offering our forklift training safety course, so you can learn how to operate a forklift without injury. Our course is 100% online and includes a forklift training manual and a test, accompanied by several engaging activities. Learn how to properly load, move, lift and lower, so you can take a daily task from chore to second nature skill. Select a state below to view specific state-based forklift training course and forklift test available for purchase online.

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Depending on your state, the entire course can be taken in a matter of hours.


Responsible Training is a state-recognized program certified issuer.


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What This Course Covers

Forklifts are a crucial part of the supply chain infrastructure that powers our world. The ability to move heavy loads is essential when it comes to warehouses, shipyards, docks and freight stations. Take your forklift training with Responsible Training to learn how to operate a forklift safely and effectively.

Powered industrial trucks, like forklifts, come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the proper use for the various types of powered industrial trucks will help you make the right decision on the job.

Moving heavy or unwieldy loads can be a dangerous undertaking if you haven’t received adequate training on how to use a forklift. This course will teach you about the hazards you should be aware of when operating a forklift and how to avoid causing harm to yourself or others.

From steering and maneuvering to understanding visibility restrictions due to loading, this course will cover every required topic outlined by the federal government for operators of powered industrial trucks. Get started today and gain the technical knowledge you need to operate your forklift like a pro!





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