Food Handler Training

About the Program

Our food handler programs are taught online, so students can finish faster and from the comfort of their own home. An online food handler training course from Responsible Training is interactive, takes less than two hours and features a training guide to help test takers learn the dos and don'ts of the food industry. Select your state and get your certificate today.


Depending on your state, the entire course can be taken in a matter of hours.


Responsible Training is a state-recognized program certified issuer.


Course certification get automatically uploaded to our database for easy access.

What This Course Covers

Completing a Food Handler Safety Course with Responsible Training will help prepare you for a job in the foodservice industry. In most jurisdictions, food safety training is required. Our course consists of six interactive lessons followed by a short quiz to gauge your understanding of the content. In order to receive your certificate, you must pass the 40-question final exam with a minimum score of 70%.

Preventing foodborne illness is one of the biggest challenges for foodservice workers in establishments that serve food to the public. This training program will teach you the best way to prevent it through proper handling, preparation, and storage of food.

Maintaining proper hygiene in a food establishment may seem like a no-brainer, but poor employee hygiene is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness. Knowing how to clean yourself and your establishment will help keep you and your customers safe.

Your customers are your lifeblood when it comes to businesses that prepare and serve food to the public. Understanding how contamination occurs and the best practices for keeping the public safe will empower you to perform your job with confidence.





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