Food Manager Training

About the Program

Food managers need to be certified in most states so they can keep up-to-date on new state regulations, provide better supervision at the establishments they work in and keep their business and the community safe. Whether you are already in the industry or a newcomer, a food manager's course is a great way to get ahead. Our food manager's course helps students learn how the industry works and, more importantly, how to manage their team.


Depending on your state, the entire course can be taken in a matter of hours.


Responsible Training is a state-recognized program certified issuer.


Course certification get automatically uploaded to our database for easy access.

What This Course Covers

Working in a managerial role in the fast-paced environment of restaurants, bars, and hotels presents challenging situations on a near-daily basis. Completing our Food Safety Management program will teach you the best methods for keeping your food operation running smoothly so that you can focus on growing a successful business.

Food regulations are designed to protect public health, but they change regularly as new scientific studies are performed and feedback from stakeholders is implemented into the Food Code. Staying current with the best practices for maintaining food safety and keeping your staff well-trained will help to maintain your peace of mind.

Having a plan in place in case of emergencies is a vital part of running a business. You can never plan for all contingencies, but this course will go over multiple scenarios to help you prepare for tricky situations you may encounter.

Being the person in charge of your operation means being a resource for your employees. You will learn the ins and outs of protecting public health, preserving food safety through all phases of food production, recognizing signs of foodborne illness, and the best way to ensure that only food that is safe ever reaches your customers’ plates.





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