Getting Started

What prior education do I need for this program?

What if I am not happy with your course or for any reason want to cancel before the course or courses is/are completed?

What is the cost of the course and what methods of payment are accepted?

Is it secure to send my credit card information over the Internet?

Do I need to have sound on my computer to take these classes?

Can I take the course from various locations and computers?

How long does the course take to complete?

How do I get a username or password? What do I use it for? What should I do if I forget it?

Is there testing?

Who will see my personal data?

How soon will I get my certificate?

Current Students

I need a copy of my certificate. How do I get this?

I cannot log into my course. I paid, and now it is telling that I have not. What should I do?

What happens if I get disconnected from the Internet or need to come back later and take my course?

What happens if I have technical difficulties or the system malfunctions during the course?

Do I need to register my certificate with my local health department?

How long is the certificate good for?

What is the schedule?

What if I fail the test?

I got my certificate! How can I refer to myself now?

Corporate Accounts

I am a manager who would like a way to offer group training to my employees. How do I do this?